Industrial Automation

Paving the way for the Smart Factory: Efficient processes and reliable quality control

Ensuring the efficiency of production processes without the use of image processing is almost unthinkable in the age of the Smart Factory. Manufacturers and producers are faced with an increasing number of requirements and regulations that their end products have to fulfil. It is essential for them to maintain product quality at a high level or improve it even further. This means that more and more product features must be fully and traceably tested and then documented, without reducing the speed of the production process. In all sectors and areas of industry, industrial image processing technology is the ideal solution for increasing the efficiency of production systems in terms of time, costs and resources, while also improving quality.

Sorting of tin cans on a conveyor beltThe major benefit of optical image capture and processing using industrial camera systems is the very high speed at which product details can be recorded and inspected. The many different applications and opportunities offered by these systems allow production quality to be guaranteed, processes to be controlled and a broad range of components to be identified in warehouse and production logistics systems.

With more than 30 years of experience, FRAMOS image processing specialists, together with local system integrators, can provide support for customer-specific system development, component selection and system implementation. From finding the right sensors and cameras to transferring data at high speeds and making individual adjustments, FRAMOS offers in-depth knowledge, a large number of practical applications and detailed project experience.

Automation and quality assurance image processing applications

  • Quality assurance

    • Surface inspection
    • Optical measurement
    • Colour inspection

  • Identification

      • Colour, shape and texture
      • Codes and markings
      • OCR / text recognition

    • Control

      • Automatic sorting based on identifiers
      • Pick & Place
      • Machine positioning using pre-defined parameters
      • Robot control by means of product and environment recognition

    It is vital that the processes remain reliable, simple and controllable and require very little maintenance. In harsh industrial environments where machines are exposed to dust, humidity, extreme and changing temperatures, high pressure and vibrations, image processing systems also have to withstand tough conditions and function reliably and accurately when in constant use. FRAMOS supplies the following coordinated system components for this purpose:

      • Industrial cameras with up to 500 fps; temperature range -55 to +85°C
      • Lenses
      • Frame grabbers for simultaneous operation of up to four cameras from one PC
      • Strobe controllers, lighting, cabling
      • Industrial PCs
      • Recognition, evaluation and control software

    Whether you are selecting individual components or creating a complex system, our engineers and physicists can provide you with technical expertise and support services. The FRAMOS Imaging Experts Academy offers additional seminars that convey both basic and in-depth technical knowledge and product expertise, and, in just a few days, help process engineers to implement their own systems quickly and adapt them to changing requirements going forward.

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