Актуальные новости из мира обработки изображений

Здесь публикуются сведения о новой продукции в ассортименте FRAMOS, а также новости из мира обработки изображений и интересные примеры использования системных решений и новых разработок.

Image Sensor Tech Days 2017

Latest technical news, comprehensive research and measurement talks for sensor engineers given directly by Sony Japan, ON Semiconductor, PYXALIS and FRAMOS Technical Support

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SMARTEK Vision quadruples inputs and outputs on the HPSC flash controller – all individually controllable for unbeatable illumination performance

From factory automation to traffic monitoring and control, image processing applications benefit considerably from the performance of their lighting system. The SMARTEK Vision Strobe Controller family is designed precisely for these image processing applications, in which rapidly moving objects have to be captured with maximum image sharpness, placing the highest demands on performance and stability. The lighting intensity of LEDs, with simultaneously low thermal load, can also be significantly...

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New Semiconductor Distributor ViMOS Combines the Best of Three Worlds

 Global imaging specialist FRAMOS, Japanese electronics distributor Vitec and world leading semiconductor distributor WPG have created the joint venture ViMOS technologies GmbH, a high tech distributor serving clients across Europe.

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EMCCD Sensor Produces High Image Quality in Low Light Applications

The KAE-08151 manufactured by ON Semiconductor is an EMCCD image sensor that provides exceptional imaging performance in extreme low light applications and in direct sunlight. The BMP sensor is obtainable from FRAMOS and features a very wide dynamic range and very low image noise. This benefits applications in ITS, surveillance, and scientific and medical imaging. The rectangular 4/3“ sensor features Interline Transfer and Electron Multiplying, combining two successful imaging techniques to...

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The BOREALIS EU Research Project: FRAMOS Provides Vision System for Flexible 3D Manufacturing

As a partner in Horizon 2020, the European Union Framework Program for Research & Innovation, imaging expert FRAMOS develops a cutting-edge vision system for the BOREALIS Project. BOREALIS began as a consortium of European partners including the Fraunhofer Institute, some renowned universities and other industrial partners looking to provide an advanced concept for flexible machines in new additive and subtractive manufacturing processes focused on the next generation of complex 3D metal...

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FRAMOS selects the azure Emperor butterfly as winner of FRAMOS Young Art Collection

The winner of the FRAMOS Young Art Collection 2016 is the image “Morpho50x” from the photographer and technology nerd, Michael Bachhofer. With a robot he developed himself, the Viennese jack of all trades takes photos of boundary structures between objects and the outside world in the giga-micro range with a magnification factor of up to 50 with a 2 micrometer depth of field. Morpho50x shows the detailed wing scaling of the azure Emperor butterfly. The 180cm by 100cm work is hung behind acrylic...

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SONY offers new High Resolution Sensors from the PREGIUS Range

With 8.9MP and 12.3MP, SONY is expanding its PREGIUS range with two new high resolution sensor groups. The sensors IMX253/255 and IMX304/305 as well as IMX267 are characterized by a pixel size of 3,45µm, which is the smallest available in the market today. Thanks to the same casing and pin layout, they are compatible. These different sensor versions focus on industrial applications, ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) and security and are available in a variety of price ranges. Anna...

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Why the new AR0136 image sensor performs better in Automotive and Security than its predecessor

Imaging Specialist FRAMOS and its Technical Support team regularly test new sensor and camera products.  New AR0136 image sensor Our test of the new Onsemi Rolling Shutter Sensor, the AR0136 as successor of the AR0132, has shown an improved fit for the automotive, security and surveillance industries. Thanks to the backside-illuminated (BSI) production technology, the performance of the AR0136 sensor has been improved compared to the AR0132, and the sensor demonstrates, improved quantum...

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Still Fast and Very Affordable: Python 1.3 MP and 5 MP Sensors with Reduced Frame Rate

ON Semiconductor is now also introducing the successful 1300 and 5000 models of their Python image sensor family with half the frame rate and half the data ports. Customers benefit from cost savings of up to 35 % compared to the full frame rate versions. The Python family of ON Semiconductor... ...is particularly suited for Machine Vision applications, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), and inspection applications that require a high image quality and high speed with modern CMOS Global...

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FRAMOS offers miniature CMOS sensors for endoscopy and medical technology

With the FRA0261 and FRA0100 models, specially designed for the medical industry, the imaging expert FRAMOS offers new low-power 1MP and 2MP standard sensors for endoscopes and small-size camera modules. The use of high-resolution Full-HD CMOS sensors ensure the superb image quality and fast frame rates at low prices with guaranteed, long-term availability. FRAMOS offers miniature CMOS sensors for endoscopy and medical technology For medical endoscope manufacturers, three criteria are...

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