SONY CMOS IMX174 and its little brother IMX249

2.35 MP PREGIUS CMOS Image Sensors with a 5.86 µm Pixel for Industrial Applications

The already well known IMX174 global shutter 2.35 MP CMOS image sensor delivers the best picture quality when it comes to capturing fast moving objects in full HD resolution with 120 fps and up to 164 fps enabling data transfer via LVDS with up to 8 channels. Sony’s IMX249 low-cost global shutter sensor features the same pin layout but 30 fps only at 12 bit at full 2.35MP resolution. The sensor has a dynamic range up to 70 dB, 5.86-μm pixels, a read-noise value of 10 e- and very high sensitivity under low-light conditions. It offers a transfer rate of up to max 41 frames per second and LVDS with 2 channels.

Even though the IMX174 beats the IMX249 in technical features as well as every other sensor in the market, the IMX249 beats the IMX174 in economic aspects with a price that is approximately the half of the IMX174 while still delivering the delightful features of its bigger brother.

Both sensors deliver superb performance in cases where a high-speed moving subject is to be shot. The new sensors feature a global shutter function, are able to capture a high-speed moving image without focal plane distortion and are highly compatible as they have the same pin layout. Also the sensors have various functions including trigger mode or ROI (Region of interest) mode specially required in the fields of industrial use. In addition both are using the new Sony Exmor and Pregius technology.

Technical details:

Sensor size1/1,21/1,2
Pixel size5,86 µm5,86 µm
Number of effective pixels1936 (H) × 1216 (V);
Approx. 2.35MP
1936 (H) × 1216 (V);
Approx. 2.35MP
Drive mode / number
of recommended pixels

- All-pixel scan (WUXGA): 1920 (H) × 1200 (V); Approx. 2.30MP; at max. 164 fps
- UXGA: 1600 (H) × 1200 (V); at max. 164 fps Approx. 1.92MP
- Full HD: 1920 (H) × 1080 (V); Approx. 2.07MP; at max. 120 fps

- All-pixel scan (WUXGA): 1920 (H) × 1200 (V); Approx. 2.30MP; at max. 30 fps
- Full HD: 1920 (H) × 1080 (V); Approx. 2.07MP; at max. 30 fps

Bit depth10; 1210; 12
Sensitivity (F8)825 mV825 mV
Package118-pin LGA118-pin LGA
Quantum efficiency74% @ 550 nm82% @525 nm
Dynamic range73 dB66,7 dB
Output (channels)LVDS 2 / 4 / 8LVDS 2


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