Micron's CMOS- Sensor for High Resolution Surveillance Systems

The MT9T031 CMOS sensor is well suited for capturing both video and still images. Its rapid highspeed readout, its auto exposure and auto focus features as well as its viewfinder mode all help the chip to eliminate two problems that are frequently found in safety cameras: The delay from one still image to the next and the video-to-still lag (delay when switching video mode to snapshot mode). The MT9T031 produces resolutions from VGA(640 pixels x 480 pixels at 93 fps) to QXGA(2048 pixels x 1536 pixels at 12 fps). Offering a dynamic range of > 61 dB and a signal-to-noise-ratio of > 43 dB, the chip delivers brilliant, high-resolution colour images of near CCD quality. At the same time, the affordable CMOS sensor enables the development of space-saving, powerful, and cost-effective applications. For display on the control monitor, a section sized 640 pixels x 480 pixels can be freely selected and moved about in the three megapixel field of view captured by the camera, for instance. A powerful surveillance camera – and also highly failsafe due to lack of moving parts – with zoom, pan, and tilt functionality is created this way.