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The Giganetix Plus series of cameras is one of the first in the world to offer the Sony IMX174 image sensor, providing unprecedented levels of high sensitivity, dynamic range, low noise, and super crisp images of moving objects at attractive costs.

SMARTEK Vision’s industrial GigE camera GCP1931 with Sony’s first image sensor based on the CMOS technology with global shutter has already wowed the visitors at The Vision Show in Boston, April 2014. Moving object inspection, low-light, and outdoor applications used to be the core domain of CCD sensors. Now, thanks to Sony’s tremendous advances in sensor technology and SMARTEK Vision’s expertise in camera design, these applications and scenes with simultaneously bright and dark areas can now be resolved better and more cost effectively.

With a resolution of 2.3MP at a high frame rate of 50fps, high sensitivity due to the Sony Exmor™ technology and large pixels of 5.86µm SMARTEK Vision utilizes the full bandwidth of Gigabit Ethernet based on the proven GigE Vision standard data interface. The sensor and the camera design allows for a significantly more economic solution compared to the CCD sensor technology at the similar or even better image characteristics.

The basis for this machine vision revolution is Sony’s recently developed analog memory that allows for the unification of the best of both CCD and the CMOS technology developments. A clean conversion of light collected at the photodiode and shielded from noise sources results in very high sensitivity. No fixed pattern noise and an extremely low read noise of 7e- in combination with a high dynamic range from 70db and a peak quantum efficiency over 75% enables distortion free images without any smear or rolling shutter artefacts. All sensitivity factors lead to lower power consumption due to the ability to work in a wide range of lighting conditions.

Dr. Ronald Müller from SMARTEK Visions exclusive distributor FRAMOS: “The GCP1931 camera is the most economical way to obtain unprecedented value for money in industrial applications such as medical diagnostics, moving object inspection, or low light and outdoor environments. The customer benefits from Sony’s latest IMX174 sensor technology, SMARTEK’s long history of development experience, and full compatibility with industry standards.”

SMARTEK Visions GCP1931 is available from May 2014 in both monochrome and color formats and is one of the first cameras to offer the IMX174 sensor to the imaging market. It provides a rich feature set comprising of Power over Ethernet, a robust and compact housing, fully Gen<i>cam and GigE Vision compliant hardware and driver interface as well as a comprehensive SDK. All these features ensure the SMARTEK Visions GCP1931 integrates seamlessly into existing and new, highly innovative systems with unbeaten value for money.

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