Актуальные новости из мира обработки изображений

Здесь публикуются сведения о новой продукции в ассортименте FRAMOS, а также новости из мира обработки изображений и интересные примеры использования системных решений и новых разработок.

Full Service from Sensor to System – FRAMOS celebrates 35 Years of Imaging with a Vision

“We are here to teach machines to see and to think”, Dr. Andreas Franz says over the first cup of Espresso. “This is our vision and we get a step closer each day.” When he enters FRAMOS in the morning, Franz will be able to look back on an impressive development. In 1981, with this thought, his father Bernd Franz founded FRAMOS, the image processing specialist of today. Initially focusing on the distribution of sensors, and supported by a strong partnership with SONY, the company was developed...

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e2v Launches New Onyx 1.3MP for Premium Performance in Low Light Conditions

e2v’s Onyx family of image sensors is designed for the most demanding outdoor camera and industrial machine vision applications, where illumination budgets are restricted or where high-speed inspection is required. Available from imaging distributor FRAMOS, the new Onyx EV76C664 is a 1.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor which features an electronic global shutter (true snapshot) or a rolling shutter for low light applications, with excellent sensitivity and enhanced performance in the near-infrared...

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FRAMOS once again cordially invites all imaging peers to participate in our international market survey, in cooperation with the journals inspect and Vision Systems Design.

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The value of independent performance measurements for sensors, cameras and lenses

The large number of manufacturers and models and the wide-ranging functionality available on the image processing market often make it difficult for customers and system integrators to choose the right camera or image sensor for their specific application. Many technical data sheets do not contain all the necessary information and, depending on the manufacturer, they may be based on different performance figures, which means that they cannot be compared with one another. This is where the FRAMOS...

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SMARTEK Vision brings the Latest CMOS Sensors to GigE and USB3 Vision with New “twentynine” Camera Line

Already introduced as one highlight of The Vision Show Boston, SMARTEK Vision officially introduce their new CMOS camera family “twentynine” for machine vision applications. Available from imaging distributor FRAMOS, the camera line fits GigE Vision and USB3 Vision with a new high-speed sensor front-end into a miniature housing, featuring standardized connectivity, enhanced processing capabilities and a flexible customization concept. Optimized for the latest CMOS image sensors, the SMARTEK...

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Brilliant Response to FRAMOS’ Image Sensor Tech Days

FRAMOS’ Sensor Tech Days, the successor event of FRAMOS’ famous CCD Forums in the 1990s, got very positive feedback from both attendees and the presenting technology partners. The two-day seminar focussed on technical image sensor details and development outlooks by SONY (day one) and ON Semiconductor (day two) and was complemented by a custom-sensor deep dive by Pyxalis and lab testing results from FRAMOS’ application engineering team. More than 60 participants carefully listened to sensor...

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Image Sensor Tech Days 2017 (in English)

Latest technical news, comprehensive research and measurement talks for sensor engineers given directly by Sony Japan, ON Semiconductor, e2V and FRAMOS Technical Support

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Emergent Vision Phases Out HS Camera Line and Introduces HR Line with Smaller Form Factor

The world’s first provider of 10-gigabit Ethernet cameras, Emergent Vision Technology, has announced the replacement of its successful HS series with the recently introduced HR family. As the successor, the HR series offers the same 10GigE SFP+ interface and functionality as the HS cameras and is available globally from imaging specialist FRAMOS. New features of the HR series include a smaller case and heat fins, which preliminary tests show to decrease the operating temperature. It is...

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SMARTEK Vision receives ISO 9001 certification for its entire value chain

By introducing a consistent quality management system and achieving ISO 9001 certification, SMARTEK Vision has laid the foundation for accurate quality assurance and a continuous improvement process. For customers this means very reliable, high-quality services as a result of the company’s transparent operational processes and minimised error rates, which in turn lead to cost reductions and increased customer satisfaction. As an international manufacturer of cameras and strobe controllers for...

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Tough Supply Situation ahead for SONY CMOS Image Sensors

Due to the recent heavy earthquakes on Japan’s Kyushu Island, production of various semiconductor manufacturers, especially in the Kumamoto area, has been interrupted. SONY’s manufacturing site for CMOS image sensors and other CMOS components like Micro OLED or LCOS displays has been affected. SONY is currently undertaking serious efforts to re-ramp production as quickly as possible. As of this week the back-end processes like assembly and testing in the Kumamoto fab are back to work, and the...

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