ON Semiconductor’s Imaging Sensor KAE-02150 EMCCD wins Electronic Products Magazine 2015 Product of the Year Award

2016 marks the 40th annual Electronic Products “Product of the Year” awards, which recognizes the best products in the electronics industry. After evaluating thousands of products launched in 2015 based on innovative design, significant advancement in technology or application, and substantial achievement in price and performance, the editors of Electronic Products magazine have selected 14 winners as the 2015 Products of the Year. Global imaging expert FRAMOS, distributor of On Semiconductor, is proud to announce that ON Semiconductor’s KAE-02150 imaging sensor, perfectly equipped for security applications, is one of the products to have received an award.

A CCD to make you safer - With security being a concern to most these days, ON Semiconductor’s KAE-02150 Interline Transfer EMCCD Image Sensor comes at a perfect time, offering better surveillance capability, as well as industrial and medical imaging. 

The imager is designed to provide exceptional imaging performance even in extreme low-light applications. Each of the sensor’s four outputs has both a conventional horizontal CCD register and a high-gain EMCCD register. An intra-scene switchable gain feature samples each charge packet on a pixel-by-pixel basis to determine whether the charge will be routed through the normal gain output or the EMCCD output based on a user selectable threshold. Outputs from both amplifiers can be used on a pixel-by-pixel basis within the same image, allowing one camera to properly render bright regions in a dark field of view and enabling dynamic compensation under widely varying conditions.

The KAE-02150 imaging sensor is available from FRAMOS. With 35 years of vision experience, the global imaging provider is a pioneer with a deep knowledge of everything from sensors to vision solutions. As industry and product expert, FRAMOS provides additional services like development support, engineering and logistics to help automotive customers get the best out of the sensor for their applications and projects.